Casual  School Outfits to Rock 2021

Casual School Outfits to Rock 2021

Hey guys,

Welcome to my site for today’s Blog. I’m doing 20 outfits to rock this 2021 school year. I think that’s what it’s called. Yeah. So these are all just like super cute and super easy outfits, and also super comfortable for school and I thought this would be super helpful for everyone because I know I have so many days where I am trying out an outfit for like an hour straight. I have no idea what goes with what. So I hope this is helpful. I’m gonna be giving you guys some tips on how to put together outfits and just obviously showing you guys all the outfits. But yeah, this will be nice for me because I can look back on this when I want to pick out an outfit for school. Yeah, I’m so excited right now because I just hit 100,000 subscribers this morning. And it was crazy. It was really crazy. I was not expecting it so soon, like, wow, this is literally been a dream of mine. Since I was like 12 I started my own YouTube channel when I was 12 with my best friend. And we got to like 100 subscribers, but we were so into it.

We uploaded it all the time. And it was just we looked up to so many Bloggers and we’re just like, Whoa, I want to be like them. So this is just really crazy for me and I’m so thankful you know you guys are all so great. Thank you guys for watching my Blogs is literally like this is insane. Like 100,000 I don’t know. It just doesn’t seem like it but like, it’s really cool. So I’m really happy about that. But yeah, that is like the best start 2021 I’m using my new camera. I don’t know if it’s like dark it looks kind of dark. But yeah, that’s why I don’t like using it because it makes it really dark, and then it goes light. I don’t know. I’m sorry. Okay, but I have like a bunch of outfits laid out I still need to pick out 10 more but this should be fun. Okay, but before we get into the Blog, you guys should totally go check out all my social media Bloggers, Facebook, and Tumbler I saw my clothes on the deep hop. And I also just posted on my Instagram and this morning like these really cute pictures with this cake that has 100 k on it. And lavender flowers and they’re really cute.

Casual School Outfits to Rock 2021

So if you guys want to see those go check out my Instagram now let’s just get right on into this Blog. Okay, so the first outfit it’s really hard for me to like set up my camera somewhere we can see as the whole thing and see me so I’m just gonna show the top and then like show the rest in the mirror I guess sweatshirts are just so easy to wear to school like you just throw them on and you’re so comfortable the whole that they also look super cute even though you’re like not trying I mainly like them oversized I think that’s the best way to get them Oh, I just have this white one brand new mobile like I know you guys hate when I talk about branding mobile but they honestly have the cutest oversized sweatshirts.

Like look how big this is so comfortable and then surely see now so I’m going to switch to me I’m just wearing this sweatshirt with these jeans super baggy and ripped and I think it just adds the whole casual look like you didn’t Trump then just some white Nikes I wear these I swear probably with like almost every single outfit in this Blog if you have an oversized cardigan and you don’t know how to wear it here is a cute way to wear it. actually haven’t worn this before because I wasn’t sure how to Eric’s it’s super oversized but I do think I found a pretty cute way I would like if this tank top was red or like cream that would feel a lot better. This cardigan is from Urban Outfitters. It’s like urban renewal so it’s like really vintage II I’ve heard this cardigan with these bell-bottom jeans. This is totally like a mom outfit like a 90s mom outfit or something. But I don’t know I think it’s really cute and then I just have my super guz Okay, so here’s the outfit. I’m like starting out with I’m sharing this white bodysuit. It has like lace here and then I just paired it with these jeans, my ritzy jeans. They’re so cute. I love them. And then my white Nikes so you could totally wear this and then adding like a hair scarf would be so cute.

It’s probably colder and I know like inside classrooms it gets really cold so to add to this and likes to keep it casual. Just add like a block or size dip up. Okay, so this is what it looks like with the black hoodie. I wore this week to school actually and I also had a black belt on the gold ranges having like a really basic outfit and then adding like an oversized jacket or flannel or anything really can just like make an outfit. Pop and also show you guys another way to add to this simple outfit. Okay, so I just added this super cute lavender flannel kind of oversized is from Brandy Melville. This is my favorite color ever. So I also added this purple butterfly necklace. And matches like perfectly with this so cute. From precious by k on Instagram here is such a cute sweater that I just got Francis Pauline literally like it is so cute like, kinda gives you like mom vibes or like Pinterest.

Oh, it’s kind of like Pinterest is perfect for school because it’s literally so comfortable and I like wearing necklaces. When I wear sweaters just because it gives more of I don’t know I guess just it’s like Pinterest II you know this is like super fuzzy it’s kind of hard for me to pair sweater sometimes because they can be really loose and like big and it’s hard to pair them but I think it’s super good to pair them with a nice belt and have them tucked in and then this bell I like just got from Brandy Melville I think it is so cute. I love the gold ring the gold totally matches with the gold jewelry and then I also took that in the back and then I got these jeans like a really long time ago and Outfitters. Yeah, they’re big and they’re like mom jeans like a looser and frayed and just block Doc Martin.

Casual School Outfits to Rock 2021

This is like such a cute Quarter Zip. It’s so soft. Like, look at that. champion. Love the cute little lavender right here. Oh, that adds so much. And then just the purple butterfly that necklace just ties it all together perfectly Honestly, this is from Urban Outfitters, just these simple black leggings from lemon don’t have to be from Lululemon. I just really like their leggings like they’re just so comfortable. I swear. And then, of course, I did the white Nikes I’m sorry they’re just so easy to pair with. So if you have leggings, if you have a cute Quarter-Zip just tuck it in, maybe add accessories maybe some earrings and layers and necklaces then just add some sneakers that will match it. And there you go.

Here’s another oversized sweatshirt outfit. Another sweatshirt from brandy is just a San Diego and this like teal color with like white outlining so soft. And so resizing comfortable leggings, they’re from lemon there too I think they match the color of the San Diego letters pretty well so that’s why I paired it get that the sweater fits like this so cute. And then the leggings these are the like Aline pants I’m pretty sure which are like the most comfortable why white Nikes I think they go super well she’s super casual. Okay, so I’m using these jeans and these shoes a lot in this Blog. Yeah, these jeans are pretty expensive but as I wear them with like everything so I think they’re worth it so yeah having a good pair of jeans is definitely essential for your wardrobe. Another way you can have another casual outfit is just adding an oversized t-shirt This one’s from Brandy Melville I like the casual look tab also this promoter for a necklace. kind of went with the purples.

Now I’m going to be showing you guys an outfit that is perfect for when you want to wear sweats to school want to be super comfortable I just had my top is from Brandy Melville and I think it’s super cute. I think it’s perfect for sweats. Because since sweats really baggy This is like a pretty tight shirt and it cropped love the like light blue color. I think that’s super pretty and then it has angels on it says heaven sent. Rambo has a lot of loose and colorful all types of different colors sweats. I just paired it with these white Nikes which I think go well with the white shirt and just ties it all together.

The shirt is really wrinkly but this is how to pair this is how to graphic a graphic t with mom jeans I really like this one because it just adds like a huge pop of color and it was poised on it but it’s like tucked into currently see it but I have my layered necklaces which I think adds like a lot to it. I don’t know maybe I should have some measures tucked in with this belt mom jeans Urban Outfitters black Doc marin’s I don’t know I think this is really cute. I think it’s just like a really cute way to just dress up graph graphic teeth. Okay, this outfit is so similar to my other sweater outfit, but these ones are colorful. So these are dark green. I love this color so much. And I’m just obsessed with these sweats.

I got them from Urban Outfitters. They’re Nike and then they don’t scratch at the bottom which I actually really liked. They’re a little bit wider. This shirt is from apprentice Paulino. I think it’s perfect to wear with sweats because they’re cropped in tight just like my other one. And yeah, I think it matches super well. Here’s just a really cute way to wear skinny jeans. I normally like never wear skinny jeans but I just got them on sale.

That was really cool. And they’re Levi’s. So yeah, I just wearing this fuzzy jacket if it’s cold is from Brandy Melville, then yeah, this shirt is pretty cropped, but I mean it doesn’t show that much skin honestly. But it’s from Princess Polly, I just have the jeans. They’re so cute. They’re Levi’s. I just got them from a red sea for only $39. They were totally on sale because Levi’s are usually like $100. And Arisia. jeans are especially super expensive. So I was like, I have to get these, and I actually had my size. So I’m so happy about these. And it goes with like, Okay, so here’s another sweater outfit.

I love the sweats so much. They’re just so cool compared to normal sweats. Like they have so many zippers and like the color is just so pretty and their champion, they’re from Urban Outfitters, and then I put them with white Nikes to go with this white tank top, which I got from Brandy Melville, which is probably definitely dress code depending on what school you go to. I don’t know. But it is cropped and kind of low but I don’t know, I just think sweats are really cute with just a white tank top. Probably wouldn’t wear this exact talk to the school. But yeah, I think this looks really cute together. They’re like it matches really well. And then I added this blue like light blue and white. It’s like a floral headband that I just got from Brandy Melville, which I think just ties it all together really well.

Hey guys, the lighting is really weird, but it’s the next day because I just was really just tired of trying on clothes yesterday. I’m about to go to church. So I’m just trying to fit them all in right now. So that should be a little bit difficult. But it’s okay, we’re gonna do this fast. Yeah, first I just have this block bodysuit. Same as the white one I tried on yesterday with like, feel lace and its externship and really kids from princess Polly and then these pants. You can’t really see them that I wear these like 24 seven. You’ve probably seen these in my Blogs before.

But they’re just like red and like cream. plod pants from Brandy Melville and then I’m just wearing Doc Martens with you. This would also be cute with a white tank top and then like white super good. Okay, I wore this outfit like last week to school and I thought it was so cute. I also had a little block button-up sweater cardigans, plaid pants princess Polly again. I’m sorry this Blog literally should be sponsored by princess Polly there’s so much princess Polly. Yeah, they’re pink plaid pants.

They are so cute, but I feel like they would look better with a white bodysuit but the pants are just too short to not wear with boots so that’s why I wore that wore it with block Yeah, and I have Doc Martens with it and I think this is really cute. would also be super cute just like out of this block. Here’s what it looks like with the block jackets. Yeah, I definitely feel like I like this better because it just gives you like a more wintery vibe you know? I don’t know. But I think this jacket also goes key with the red plant plugged.

We’re playing red plaid pants I try it on and another outfit. Okay, this is like one of the most basic outfits you could possibly get but it is really cute and perfect for schools love this sweatshirt, like the color so pretty, like matches my eyes kinda I got this sweatshirt from Urban Outfitters like a month ago. Lemon leggings and then white Nike. Isn’t that comfortable really. But if you do want to dress up which I dress up a lot for school, so I’m just wearing this white bodysuit from princess Polly this floral skirt also from princess Polly really cute love the ruffles. My legs are so pale and bruised I’m so sorry but I also added these white Nikes just to dress it down so I know it’s probably really cold to wear that so I can add this jacket is it from Brandy Melville here is a cute way to wear a cropped sweater.

Casual School Outfits to Rock 2021

I got this one from Urban Outfitters if you want to really go loose cropped sweater I think it’s good to have a belt and like tighter jeans can like go out of the bottom and I really like that look back on the soldier from princess Polly it’s kind of just like boring. It’s kind of basic but I do really like this shirt. It’s really cute and can go with a lot of stuff and then I have my layered necklaces and this belt really just goes with the shirt and brings all together like the gold and then I have bell-bottom jeans on they’re kind of like hard to see kind of just like don’t like wearing them as much with Doc Martens cuz I don’t know like you can’t see the Doc Martens I don’t these jeans are super cute. I wear them like all the time but you can’t really tell because I’m wearing them and then we’ll talk more ins but trust me they flare out a lot at the bottom These are from h&m and I got them like for pretty cheap but yeah, that’s all for today’s Blog. If you guys like these outfits, please Let me know which one is your favorite if you actually thought this Blog was super helpful please leave a comment letting me know I would love that, and please leave a thumbs up that makes it easier for other people to find this Blog.

It’s like on suggested pages you know, the candle smells so good. It’s from anthropology.

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