How to Learn Online Earning WordPress| Online Earning Websites

How to Learn Online Earning WordPress| Online Earning Websites

How to learn online earning WordPress. in this article for how to be a professional blogger. in this article, I will explain to you how you can earn money and which platform is best for making money.

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Online Earning Websites

  • WordPress
  • Blogger
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn

Learn Online WordPress

WordPress is a great platform. There are two types of work on WordPress. One back end and the other front end. The back end is called the server which is also called C panel. The work of WordPress installation, domain setting, coding, etc. Customization comes on the front end. Designing website page titles etc. It is called the front end. Today we will talk about the five types of websites that we create on WordPress. We have to buy hosting to work on WordPress. Then we can create our own website on WordPress.

  1. Simple Website
  2. Small Business Website
  3. E commerce Website
  4. Drop shipping Website
  5. Personal Website

Simple Website

Online Earning websites and how to create website. Simple Site You want to create a simple site of any kind. A simple site means you can create any simple blog on any topic. On the information in the books, you have to select what your topic is. You can build on music. You can create a website for online training. For this, you have to buy single hosting and single hosting is the lowest rate.

Small Business Website

If you have a business that is limited to a physical store and you want to bring it online. So for that, you have to buy hosting on WordPress then you have to upload your product by building a website then you can sell it online. If you want to do any work online or provide any service, you have to buy shared hosting.

Online Earning WordPress

Ecommerce Website

E-commerce is very popular in this time world. People are earning very well. We can also create e-commerce websites with shared hosting. Shopping Websites Online Earnings Websites are called e-commerce. E-commerce is a digital business that you can do business from home all over the world. E-commerce will grow even more in the future. You try too. So as not to be left behind.

Dropshipping Website

You can create a dropshipping website on WordPress. You sell any company’s product or service from your own source. In dropshipping we do not have to create a store or buy any product. But one thing to keep in mind is that you need to buy WordPress hosting for a dropshipping website. The dropship business is very trendy these days.

Personal Website

If you want to create your own personal website, you have to create a personal website. For a personal blog or personal website, you have to buy Simple Hosting and you create your blog on WordPress where you can share your thoughts. If you are providing a service in a personal blog, you can share it on a personal blog. If you are writing poetry, you can share it on your personal blog.

How to be a Professional Blogger

Creating a website on Blogger is very easy. Creating a blog or website on Blogger is different from WordPress. On WordPress, we have to buy hosting and domain to create a blog but this is not the case with Blogger. We can create blogs in Blogger without hosting and domain. But before Google AdSense was approved on Blogger without a domain but now it is not. Now you have to buy a custom domain. Domains are very cheap. You can create a blog on Blogger without a domain, but my advice is to buy a custom domain and create your own blog. It is very easy to create a blog on Blogger. It has simple themes.

One of the advantages of creating a blog on Blogger is that Google ranks Blogger’s website quickly. I will give you some tips that you can use to rank your blog. First of all, you should see which topic you want to write your article on. It is not necessary that you write an article with a rank. You choose your own topic. Make sure that the title of the article is the same as the name of the same name in the link. Put the same name in the headline. When you do these things, hopefully, your website will rank quickly. Bloggers in Asian countries should be at least six months old and have a thousand views a month, then you have to apply for Google AdSense and as soon as you get Approval Your earnings will start.

Online Earning WordPress


YouTube is part of Google. Millions of people are earning millions of rupees from YouTube. You don’t have to be highly educated on YouTube, you don’t have to be able to speak English. All you need is a good mobile phone with which you can make your own video and upload it on YouTube. YouTube’s policy is different. First, you have to create a channel on YouTube, you have to name it according to your skill or topic on which you want to make videos,

then you have to give your details, give your mobile number, verify the channel and then make videos and Share in your social accounts. Must upload one video a week. Friends, I would like to tell you one thing here. If your videos are watched in Pakistan and Google AdSense is also active on your channel then you will get PKR 10 rupees for one ad click. If the same video ads are seen in Europe or Australia, you will get two dollars. Now you have to think about whether you can make videos that can be watched in European countries.


Facebook is the world’s largest platform at the moment. More and more people in this world are using Facebook. It is the only social media platform that is used the most. While people use Facebook to pass the time and earn money, people also make money from it. You need 30,000 views on Facebook and your videos should get 30,000 views in a minute. Big companies use big platforms like Facebook to promote their business.


LinkedIn is also part of social media. This is a great platform. On LinkedIn, big people from all over the world are online, someone is running their own company and someone is using it for information. Friends, on LinkedIn you will find many companies that offer online and offline jobs. National and international companies offer jobs on LinkedIn. You too can use this platform to find the job you want.

How to create Dropshippng Website

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